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We advise that any dog is weighed accurately before treatment, if you wish you may bring your dog or pup to the surgery for a free weigh-in.

In recent years more cases of Angiostrongylus vasorum have been seen in the UK, commonly known as a lungworm this parasite can be picked up from slugs, snails and amphibians. As one might expect from its name, it can cause lung disease & coughing, but it can also cause very serious blood clotting disorders and neurological signs.

PUPPIES: Worm against TOXOCARA/ROUNDWORMS thoroughly.
Worm with Panacur at 2, 5, 8 & 12 weeks of age, then monthly until 6 months.

ADULT Dogs: Worm every 3 months against roundworms & tapeworms. Monthly if there are small children. Scavengers may need worming at least every 2 months.

PREGNANT BITCHES: We advise worming daily with Panacur from day 40 of pregnancy, this prevents Toxocara larvae infecting the pups through the placenta, and later the milk.

LACTATING BITCHES: Worm against roundworms at the same time as puppies.

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Fleas are difficult to get rid of, so it is better never to catch them in the first place!
One flea can lay 200 eggs a day which drop off everywhere, developing into larvae in your pet's bed and all over the house and even the car.
Prevention: There are a few effective preparations available, some also kill ticks and worms, please contact us to discuss your dog's needs

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It is possible to vaccinate against the following diseases:

Early vaccination is recommended, as it means your puppy can be safely taken out and can socialise with other dogs and people at an early age.

The initial course consists of two injections, given 2 weeks apart.

We recommend starting from 8 weeks old, the second injection cannot be given until at least 10 weeks old.

Many of the vaccines need only be administered every three years, but Leptospira needs to be given annually.

During the booster consultation your dog will receive a thorough health examination, which will help us to identify symptoms of early disease. Also advice can be given on worming, flea treatments, diets, behaviour etc.

It is important to ensure your pet's immunity does not lapse, as many of the diseases vaccinated against are potentially fatal. Also vaccinations are essential if your dog needs to go into kennels.

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Microchips are very small (the size of a grain of rice) and are implanted under the skin.
Your pet's unique microchip number is registered with the national pet log or register.
If your dog should wander they can be quickly identified by having the microchip scanned and your contact details can be got from the pet log.
Microchips are also needed for the Pet Travel Scheme.

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There are many reasons for neutering:

In bitches it prevents unwanted puppies and the inconvenience of coping with a bitch in heat.
It avoids reproductive problems and uterus infections, and if neutering is done when the bitch is young, it greatly reduces the risk of mammary tumours
In male dogs it can help with some behavioural problems.

Please contact us to discuss the possible benefits of neutering and the optimum timing for the surgery

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