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The Pet Travel Scheme

Travelling with your animal
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The Pet Travel Scheme, or Pet Passport, allows us to bring dogs, cats and ferrets back to the UK from some countries without going through quarantine. Full details of the countries included can be found at DEFRA's website

The steps in obtaining a pet passport are:

Please note
You can only take your pet abroad after 21 days have passed from the date of Rabies vaccination. An optional blood test is available 30 days after rabies vaccination - this checks that the vaccination has been effective, and that the animal has sufficient antibodies for protection. This blood test may be a requirement for travel from some non-listed countries, please check the DEFRA website for more details.

Returning into the UK:
You will need to have your dog treated for tapeworm 24-120 hours (1-5 days) before your return. This must be carried out by a veterinary surgeon, who will sign & stamp the passport to confirm this, the authorities are strict about the timing. There is no mandatory requirement for tick treatment. Your pet must enter the UK from a listed country or territory travelling with an approved transport company on an authorised route.  

There are some diseases found in Europe that are not common in the UK yet, do contact us for advice on prevention and signs.
There are different regulations if you are going to be resident abroad for longer periods of time - please contact DEFRA for information.