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Immunisation against diseases of dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets

sleeping pup

Vaccinations for dogs

It is possible to vaccinate against the following diseases:

Early vaccination is recommended, as it means your puppy can be safely taken out and can socialise with other dogs and people at an early age.
The initial course consists of two injections, given 2 weeks apart.
We recommend starting from 8 weeks old, the second injection cannot be given until at least 10 weeks old.
Many of the vaccines need only be administered every three years, but Leptospira needs to be given annually.
During the booster consultation your dog will receive a thorough health examination, which will help us to identify symptoms of early disease. Also advice can be given on worming, flea treatments, diets, behaviour etc.

Vaccinations for Cats

Minky the Burmese in a coat

It is possible to vaccinate against the following diseases:

As well as the 'cat flu' and enteritis it is advisable to vaccinate against feline leukaemia, as this is a fatal disease that is predominantly spread through fighting and mating.

Kittens need two doses of vaccines 3 weeks apart, starting from 9 weeks old.
Yearly vaccinations against the main feline infectious diseases are advisable.
It is important to ensure your pet's immunity does not lapse, as many of the diseases vaccinated against are potentially fatal. Also vaccinations are essential if your dog needs to go into kennels.

Vaccinations for Rabbits

Rabbits can be vaccinated against :

The manufacturers recommend giving the myxomatosis vaccine every 6 - 12 months. In this rural area with its wild rabbit population we suggest six-monthly vaccinations.
The VHD vaccine is given anually. The vaccines are not given at the same time, a minimum of two weeks between myxomatosis & VHD vaccines is recommended

Vaccinations for Ferrets

Ferret exploring
Ferrets can be vaccinated against distemper using the canine vaccine. Distemper vaccines are not made specifically for ferrets, although they have been used in this species for many years. Please contact us if you would like to discuss the vaccine