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Puppy Classes

Socialise your puppy in a controlled and safe environment

Puppy Socialisation and Information Classes

Our classes are a fun way of socialising your puppy in a controlled and safe environment. Ideally, puppies start when they are young and before they are fully vaccinated, to allow them to have positive interactions and build their confidence at this crucial early age. We aim to help you to teach your puppy the life skills they need to become happy, resilient dogs that can cope with whatever life throws at them!

Our classes are designed to benefit puppies and their owners in several ways: 

Providing socialisation experiences for young pups up to approximately 15 weeks old. We ensure that the first vaccination has been given before they start the course and limit the upper age. This age restriction helps to make sure the course is not too overwhelming for very young pups. If your puppy is over 15 weeks, we can offer you a 1:1 session instead, so you still get all the information you need, including handouts.

Educational benefits for owners:

Our emphasis is on building a strong bond between you and your puppy whilst having fun.

The information given will cover positive reinforcement training. We teach basic training such as handling, sit, recall, leave, stay, settle and lead walking. We also cover socialisation and habituation, play biting, house training, being left alone, noise phobias, poisons, neutering, dog laws and much more…

The added benefit is that the pups will grow up to view the surgery as a friendly, fun place to visit.  They will be relaxed when visiting us after attending our classes, allowing us to give them examinations easily and make visits to the vet less stressful for everyone.

The classes are run by Glenda who is our experienced, qualified Veterinary Nurse. Glenda also holds a Diploma in Companion Animal Behaviour Counselling. Her passion is to help give all our puppies the best possible start in life to ensure we have a long and happy relationship with them.

Our classes last one hour and run for three consecutive weeks. For more information, including dates and times of our next classes, please contact the surgery.

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